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Education Management: Change starts with choice.Community Development: We believe in strong urban communities.Economic Development: Social entrepreneurship for the common good.

Building sustainable urban communities for life.


Change starts with choice.


3 Cord, Inc. helps urban communities build great schools by eliminating the achievement gap to prepare students for success in high school, college and beyond. We believe change starts with choice. Find out why 3 Cord schools are the right choice for your family. read more

Community Development

We believe in strong urban communities.


From providing access to quality education and public arts to beautifying neighborhoods and offering opportunities for employment, 3 Cord strives to transform communities and provide safe passage for our kids from home, to school, to work and beyond. read more

Economic Development

Social entrepreneurship for the common good.


As social entrepreneurs, 3 Cord employs a profit/nonprofit hybrid approach to address the changing nonprofit environment and start and grow business ventures that simultaneously contribute to our mission and ability to bring sustainable and responsible growth to urban areas. read more

Our Mission

3 Cord, Inc. is committed to building strong and healthy urban communities that thrive, while fostering long-term wellbeing for its children, families and community stakeholders. We strive to bring the best of education management, combined with pioneering community and economic development efforts, to build sustainable urban communities for life.

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